Saturday, May 16, 2009

Unique sculpture located directly in front of the fantastic MacKenzie Art Gallery in Wascana Park. This gallery is a must see for all Regina tourists

Info from (Mackenzie Art Gallery website).

Mary Longman’s Ancestors Rising speaks to the shared history of
First Nations people and the bison with the Wascana Park area.
The four bison horns, which appear to emerge from beneath
the earth, are symbols of courage, strength and respect in First
Nations culture, and represent both the First Nations ancestors
and the bison. The horns sit on the four cardinal directions and
are arranged in a circle, referencing the First Nations belief in the
importance of balance in life. The braided ropes of copper
patina symbolize the power of the ancestors as conduits of
healing energy. These braided ropes support a net of river stones,
which were used as both physical and spiritual tools in Plains
culture; stones were also used to document places, events, and
as commemorations, and so are fittingly included in this
memorial to the history of the Wascana area.

(click on photo to enlarge)


Pagan Sphinx said...

That is a fascinating sculpture. Like the natural world it represents, its beauty lies in the significance of what it represents.

I love to see any kind of public art outdoors. It's always interesting and I often want to learn about it if I don't already understand it.

Great post. Thank you!

zbest said...

Fascinating sculpture, thanks for posting this.

Jerichosrule said...

How cool is that???

Good_ole_USA said...

Looks like something out of an alien movie, I'd love to see that in person. Great photo.

Anonymous said...

Cool and creepy

Mojo said...

Unique is right. What the...?


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