Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Streetscape photo of a busy street in downtown Regina. One thing I love about our downtown is the perfect mixture of modern buildings with old.

(click on photo to enlarge)


Crash said...

Very dense looking streets, great looking downtown.

Downtown Child said...

Love it -- Welcome to my world!

chrome3d said...

I like the mix too and also the loving way how you show it.

zbest said...

Excellent photo, looks NYC'ish.

G Moyer said...

Being born & raised in Regina I wanted to make a comment:
I think Regina is 1 of the most beautiful cities there is. The pic of the downtown area reminded me of when I was a kid waiting for a bus at Scarth & 11th (1950's). There was the most breathtaking and architecturally outstanding building ever: the original City Hall. I have a pen scetch of it fortunately because it was destroyed in favor of a parkade.
I never did understand the logic but we need to be careful to protect these heritage sites. My 2nd fav is the legislative bldgs - so see if you can preserve it :)

Gerry Moyer


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