Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Words cannot describe how peaceful the morning was when I took this shot a few weeks ago. Its a different experience every day in Wascana Park.

(click on photo to enlarge)


Paula said...

It's a beautiful place.

Downtown Child said...

Hey Guy,
How about these words:
The Land of the Morning Calm,
Peace on Earth, Heav'n on Earth,
Zen and the Art of Wascana!

Peach said...

This is my Zen-to-Go morning shot!
(Love it!)

gengen said...

It looks pretty over there. Thanks for sharing...Happy watery Wednesday.

Janie said...

Beautiful. They entire sky seems to be reflected in the lake.

Linnea said...

It's like a painting.

christina Klas said...

This is fantastic. Absolutely gorgeous... It's these kinds of pictures that aren't just pretty but evoke certain moods when you look at them. Nice.


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