Monday, November 8, 2010

All is quiet right now but in a few days there will be over 30,000 screaming football fans cheering on the Roughriders in the CFL playoffs. (My World)

(click on photo to enlarge) Be sure to check out other 'My World' images from around the planet at:


magiceye said...

wow.... going to be a lot of excitement!!

Amy Bender said...

Great shot Guy, go Riders go!

Downtown Child said...

Just three more W's!

Jo said...

Hi Guy, long time no see. What an amazing photo. I'm sure you'll enjoy the excitement of the many [screaming] football fans. We had hundreds of thousands of soccer fans in South Africa during June and July (for FIFA world cup soccer) and it was most festive. Did our country a world of good! Have a great day. Jo


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